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Ballads are sung and great stories are told,
of fanciful feats, to please young and old,
from long ago, in a far away land,
where peril and whimsy walk hand in hand.

What is Stravagante?

Stravagante! is an easy to learn and fun to play table-top roleplaying game of whimsical fantasy adventure, that fits in your pocket.
Based on a streamlined version of the Four Points RPG system, Stravagante! features player-centered collaborative role-play, and quick character creation with lots of room for customisation. It provides a variety of prompt tables for generating adventures, NPCs, magic spells, locations and more. It also includes a pre-written adventure setting - Caster's Bay - presented in the style of a tourist brochure.

A Printable, Pocket Adventure!

Use the text-only version, or print out and assemble the various printable options, to make Stravagante! a fully pocket-sized package!
The rules, character creation options, cards, prompts and setting can all fit into two pocket-sized booklets and two pamphlets (which can also be folded up to slip inside the booklets if you want).
The printable assets include:

  • The Rulebook and Character Creation booklets, reversible.
  • The Rulebook and Character Creation booklets, with illustrated covers.
  • Character and Spell cards.
  • The Pamphlet of Prompts, reversible.
  • Setting Pamphlet, reversible.

All printables are traditionally hand-illustrated in black & white, available in both A4 and US Letter format, and come with instructions for assembly.

Licensing & Disclaimer

You are free to create hacks, supplements and adventure modules based on Stravagante!, for personal and commercial use, so long as you include appropriate attribution (Stravagante! designed and authored by Tom Fummo of Penflower Ink, 2023 - www.penflower-ink.com). This game is NOT for resale.

Stravagante! does not invite or legitimise the introduction of bigotry at the table. There is no discrimination based on colour, species, appearance, disability, faith, sex or gender in a game of Stravagante!. You may NOT create supplements or adventure modules based on Stravagante! if you also intend it to promote any of the forms of bigotry listed above.
The Text-Only documents are tagged for screen-readers, and include the full license information, as well as a link to a curated list of TTRPG safety tools, which you can also find here.

I have done my best to set everything up correctly, also with regards to accessibility.  If there are any issues with the documents, please let me know.
Thanks and have fun!

Itch-Funding Goals

At time of publication, I am itch-funding this game, to include additional resources.
Below is a list of the current funding goals:

$100 REACHED! Jug & Jackdaw Tavern Setting Pamphlet (added)
$350 REACHED! Magic Item Catalogue
$600 REACHED! Bestiary (added)

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorPenflower Ink
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsFantasy, four-points-rpg, Minimalist, physical-game, pocket-sized, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Blind friendly


Get this pocket RPG and 49 more starting at $30.00
View bundle
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Stravagante! (Text Only).pdf 391 kB
Printables (A4).zip 28 MB
Printables (US).zip 28 MB
Instructions for assembly.pdf 2 MB
Digital Booklets.zip 10 MB
Character Sheet (Text Only).docx 35 kB
Printable Card and Pamphlet Sleeve 237 kB
Itch-funded: The Jug & Jackdaw Pamphlet 9 MB
Itch-funded: Magical Item Catalogue (Cards & Pamphlet) 25 MB
Itch-funded: Bestiary (Cards & Pamphlet) 32 MB
Stravagante! ITALIANO 26 MB

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