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Take care of each other, and of the land.
Grow what you need and share all you can.
Move with the seasons, their rhythm and time.
You'll flourish, together, come rain or come shine.

Come Rain Come Shine is a GM-less, collaborative story-telling and role-playing game, based on the Four Points RPG system, and inspired by Solarpunk.

In a group of 2 or more, the players create and share the roles of animal-folk characters, as well as the community they inhabit. They work together to accomplish tasks and overcome complications, in order to help their community flourish.
Come Rain Come Shine blends story-telling and role-playing by letting players decide if they wish to take on a task as a community, or as a small group of characters, drawn from a shared character pool.
While the community has been founded on the Solarpunk vision of a sustainable, post-hierarchy, post-scarcity, post-capitalistic future, the rest of its values, customs and aesthetics are decided by the players as a group. 

The Four Points system has been streamlined and adapted to remove the role of GM or Guide, making it a fully cooperative story-telling RPG. This allows the gameplay to be consistent with the values at the heart of Solarpunk, as well as further emphasising the "Four Points" of player agency, narrative, characters and customisation. The core Four Points mechanic of spending points or testing your luck to determine success, remains the same. Lists of traits and abilities allow the players to create whatever animal-folk they wish, and roll tables with prompts provide tasks and complications full of narrative potential. 

Come Rain Come Shines includes links to a curated collection of safety tools for TTRPGs, as well as more information on the Solarpunk genre and movement.
The game is available as a fully illustrated PDF, and as a text only document, tagged for screen readers. It also comes with both character cards and a community sheet, available as form-fillable PDFs and tagged word documents. 

You are free to create hacks, modules and supplements based on Come Rain Come Shine, for personal and commercial use, so long as you include appropriate attribution. Furthermore, this game does not in any way encourage or attempt to legitimise bringing bigotry and hatred to the table, and you may NOT create or sell products based on Come Rain Come Shine, with the intent of promoting discrimination based on colour, species, appearance, disability, faith (or lack thereof), sex or gender.
I have done my best to set everything up correctly, also with regards to accessibility. If there are any issues with the documents, please let me know in the comments. Thanks and have fun!

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Let's Play Come Rain Come Shine - Session One 
Let's Play Come Rain Come Shine - Session Two



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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorPenflower Ink
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnimals, GM-Less, Narrative, solarpunk, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityBlind friendly


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I adore this game so much! It feels like the perfect companion game to Wanderhome. I love all the character options, and it's pretty easy to make characters and develop meaningful narratives. I recently did a live flip through of this game. The video includes other games, but I've timestamped the video where I flip through Come Rain Come Shine. Lovely game! 

Thank you so much!


A lovely solarpunk game with beautiful art and design.

Here is my video review:

Thank you again so much for reviewing CRCS!


Ok read it, love it. At first I was getting a wanderhome vibe, but it's kinda like the reverse... you are making home and community.  I often have that thought in my head when playing WH. My TTRPG group have a  joke about mixing WH and Ironsworn (I think someone is doing that?) Because we want a dice mechanic to keep our narative honest and  surpriseful.  I think your 4 point system may be the perfect solution and as such makes CRCS a great game for people in that mindset. Also amazing art.

Thank you, that means so much! I am really glad that CRCS is able to scratch that particular RPG itch :D 


Enjoyed the playthrough video so much, bought the game.  Hope to read through it this weekend some time.


The cover art is absolutely banging, love it

thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the game as well 😊

any chance for more community copies? :D

of course! I add them as soon as I am able to, but they seem to be going pretty quickly 😅