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With this pack of over 200 transparent PNG assets, you can build your own Hexmap tiles!

The pack includes:

- Blank hextiles, each for a different biome,
- Location icons and nametags,
- Town buildings and structures,
- Roads and bridges,
- Landscape features (including mountains, rivers and hills),
- Vegetation for different biomes,
- Towers, gates and walls for building castles and forts.

You can use any Hexmaps made from this pack in your home RPG of choice, as well as commercial projects. In the latter case, you MUST provide appropriate attribution: Hexmap assets  by Penflower Ink, 2022, www.penflower-ink.com 

You may NOT use these assets in a product that promotes any forms of bigotry, hatred or violence towards specific ethnicities, faiths (or lack thereof), sexualities, disabilities, gender identities, and marginalised groups.
You may NOT use these assets in the production or distribution of NFTs.
This pack is 
NOT for resale.

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AuthorPenflower Ink
GenreRole Playing
TagsAsset Pack, Hex Based, Tilemap
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Can these assets be used in non table-top games ?

These assets are only intended for use in TTRPGs. I may make some specifically for video games in the future :)

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Clarification of language: Do you mean you do not give permission for these to be used in the creation of a video game, or do you mean that it just isn't the main idea / intention of the asset pack? Thank you


It's not the main idea. I suppose you could try using them for a video game (providing you include attribution) but I unfortunately cannot guarantee they would work well!


Thank you for clarifying, I wanted to be respectful of your wishes. I might try and give it a shot with a game jam. Cheers.

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This is an incredible resource for making hexmaps. I also thought they would be a collection of pre-built hexes (which would have been cool on its own), but the fact that they're all the resources you need to design your own is amazing. And at such a low price!

thank you so much! I have tweaked the product description a little bit to hopefully make it clearer 😅


This is an incredibly good resource. I just thought they were cute little ready-made hexes and didn't realise that everything is completely separate and infinitely combinable. Not what you think of when you see hex map, but pretty dang awesome for more detailed maps. Even at three times the regular price this would be a steal!

I'd buy an expansion in a heart-beat, though. You can never have enough stuff.

Thank you, I’m really glad you’re happy with the pack! I’ve made some expansions for my Patreon, and might make some more in the future 😊

Thanks for the heads-up. I didn't see a Patreon link anywhere on this page or your website. I'll think about it, but I'm a bit leery about adding another mid-level Patreon. I  can never seem to drop anybody I already support and it starts adding up ;-D

Would certainly buy expansion packs for $5 to $10, but I can completely understand that keeping some things for a Patreon revenue stream makes total sense.

I completely understand! Your reply did inspire me to start work on another expansion, though, which I'll put up on my Patreon next month. For the duration of the TTRPG Art Asset Jam I'm hosting, I've been putting my submissions both on Patreon (available to all tiers) and on itch.io, so you might see some expansions pop up here as well :) Thanks again for the kind words!


Just wanted to ask if this is usable with Hex Kit? Thanks!

I don’t know what that is, so probably not 😅 sorry.


it’s this nice program to make maps from hex tiles! https://cone.itch.io/hex-kit

from their faq, this is how to be compatible:

Hex Kit tiles should be image files in a resolution of 210x210px and in 200 DPI. You can use this template to size up your tiles before you import them. Put all your custom tiles in a folder, and use the import function in Hex Kit.

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I did some investigating, and the variation in asset size and the almost infinite set of possible positions for objects within a hex tile mean that it'd be very, very hard to make this stuff HexKit compatible. 

Perhaps you could create readymade custom hex tiles made up of these assets, in many variations — for each selected tile type, HexTile paints with random instances of the variations within each folder — but even if you did that, at HexTile's resolution, a lot of the detail would be lost. 

I think HexKit and this amazing set of wonders are working at two different scales.

what is a site i could use these in?

hello! You can use an image editing program to combine the individual assets into a map. They should also work for virtual table top websites where you can upload images.


Thank you. Beautiful work!


I love this! I'm interested in making a Mausritter region and these would be perfect.


LOVE these!! I can't wait to use them.

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy 😊