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Congratulations, Spacer!

You have been selected to be a part of the permanent crew of your world's newest space station, intended to help establish your species' presence amongst the stars!

Cosmic Connections is a cooperative story-telling a role playing game for 2 or more players, based on the Four Points RPG System, that can be played with or without a GM - or Narrator. In Cosmic Connections, you and your fellow players take on the role of spacers tasked with the construction and maintenance of a new space station, as well a variety of diplomatic, scientific and just plain weird missions. It is inspired by shows and books like Star Trek: Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, and is both a spiritual and mechanical successor to previous Four Points games: Come Rain Come Shine, QuestFellows and Outward Bound.

About Cosmic Connections

Cosmic Connections features CRCS's shared character pool and focus on sustainable community-building,  OB's themes of weird sci-fi adventure, and QuestFellows' randomly generated "Challenge and Opponent" mechanic, here named Tight Spots.
Cosmic Connections also includes the CODEX.
A collection of data on the various other alien species inhabiting your Characters' local galactic sector, the Codex is written in an alien code for you to translate. Your player group can use the pre-written and illustrated Codex entries that come with the game, or use the included prompts and art assets to make your own!

  • Quickly and easily create your characters and add them to a shared pool, for anyone in the group to pick up and play.
  • Use prompts and roll tables to collaboratively flesh out your game's setting, including your home world and space station.
  • Complete Missions, overcome Complications, get out of Tight Spots, Trade for Assets, and build new Additions to your station.
  • Translate Codex entries, meet new alien species, or even create your own.

Files Overview

  • Illustrated game document, tagged for screen-readers, as well as a printer-friendly text-only version.
  • Character Cards and Station Sheet, both as printable, form-fillable PDFs and tagged Word documents.
  •  Codex Resources, including:
    - Fully illustrated Codex documents (Alpha in alien code, Beta in English),
    - Codex Alpha and Beta versions as text-only, printer friendly documents,
    - Blank Codex entry as a tagged, text-only Word document,
    - The "Codexian" alien font (tiff document),
    - A collection of 24 Alien Art Assets (transparent PNG files) for use in creating your own species and Codex.


You are free to create hacks, supplements and adventure modules based on Cosmic Connections, for personal and commercial use, so long as you include appropriate attribution (Cosmic Connections designed and authored by Tom Fummo of Penflower Ink, 2023 - www.penflower-ink.com).
Please note, that the included art assets are NOT intended for commercial use.

Cosmic Connections does not invite or legitimise the introduction of bigotry at the table. There is no discrimination based on colour, species, appearance, disability, faith, sex or gender in a game of Cosmic Connections. You may NOT create supplements or adventure modules based on Cosmic Connections if you also intend it to promote any of the forms of bigotry listed above.

I have done my best to set everything up correctly, also with regards to accessibility.
If there are any issues with the documents, please let me know in the comments. Thanks and have fun!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorPenflower Ink
GenreRole Playing
TagsAliens, cooperative, GM-Less, physical-game, Sci-fi, Space, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityBlind friendly


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This looks lovely. I love Come Rain Come Shine from Penflower Ink team.

I'm sure Cosmic Connections is as amazing too!

Thank you very much on behalf of the whole team (just me 😅)